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Improvising in Social Media: It Shows!


Social media is a great way to engage with your clients’ target audience, but it can be tricky to do well. The person in charge must know how to use the tools and how to get people interested in what your clients are doing. One way that you can stand out from other digital marketing agencies is by making sure that your clients posts look professional, appealing, and even attractive—all while being engaging and easy to read at the same time!

It’s tempting to try to manage social media with junior, underpaid staff

It’s tempting to try to manage social media with junior, underpaid staff, we all know that. But hidden costs of such a decision can become a real Trojan horse, for your clients brand and their digital assets. 

It’s also tempting to overload your junior staff with social media accounts to manage. 

It’s tempting because you want your agency to take on as many clients as possible. And you want your clients company’s brand message in front of as many eyeballs as possible. And you’re looking at the best way to do that—social media is the easiest way for small businesses and startups to reach their target audience without spending a lot of money on advertising or marketing campaigns. But if you don’t have a solid and coherent social media plan in place before starting out on this journey, things will quickly get out of hand (and not in the good way).

When it comes down it though, there are just some things that need doing when it comes time for planning ahead. You need compelling copy. A creative copywriter goes without saying here. And so does an editor. The content needs to be interesting enough that people will want more than one click; otherwise, they’ll leave before reading anything else! You have to be sure that every piece of content has impactful images/videos associated with them, so people don’t lose interest after glancing over something once only before leaving again…

Try explaining the lack of engagement to your clients. Would hate to be in your shoes. Really. 

There’s no room for improvisation in social media

A social media plan is an important part of any digital marketing strategy. It’s the first thing you should build -and, obviously, charge your clients with-, and it should be consistent from campaign to campaign—even if you’re just testing something out for fun or trying out a new technique on your own.

You don’t want to spend all that time, money and energy developing a plan only for it not work out in practice! There are some reasons why this may happen. Your staff didn’t have enough training on how social media works so your content doesn’t fit into their expectation (or vice versa).  If this happens then maybe try experimenting with different types of content until you find one that works well together with their audience? Or maybe just stick with what they told us about before we started working together?

You might also get a team of seasoned professionals to help, while you collect your clients fees. 

It’s important that you know who will see a particular piece of content—and who won’t (or shouldn’t). Get to know, truly and thoroughly know your clients’ buyer persona and target audience. For example: if someone is looking for a new job but doesn’t have much experience with resume-writing software yet (or even knows how such software works), then maybe he/she shouldn’t be given advice about how best apply those skills during an interview process; instead perhaps only those candidates who already have some experience with resume creation would benefit from reading through this article first before starting their own projects so they could get familiarized with its features beforehand.

A million more similar examples surely come to your mind at this point. 

Boy, it’s hard to get good help these days. 

The copy has to be compelling and enticing

You have to have a plan. Trust me. You do. 

You need to know what you want your target audience to do, and why they should do it. Then, write the copy with those goals in mind. If there are no compelling reasons for people to click on your post or share your content on social media sites, then don’t bother posting at all! Some digital marketing agencies bet on this, and they’ll stick to the client until they had enough of a sloppy job and mediocre results. 

Don’t ever wonder again about the high turnover of clients. 

Copy needs to be on-brand, with the right tone and voice

Copy is one of the most important elements in your social media strategy. It’s not just about making sure that you’re getting the right tone and voice for your clients brand, but also about having a solid and coherent plan for how you’ll use each platform.

Copy must be on-brand. You can’t just write something generic or basic; it has to fit with who you are as an organization or person.

You need to make sure that each piece of copy fits into its own ecosystem—so if one piece is going out on Facebook only, don’t throw in another blog post from LinkedIn just because there’s no reason not to do so!

What you see is exactly what you end up getting

Images and videos are the most important part of social media posts, and unfortunately, many digital marketing agencies seem to overlook this crucial fact. They’re what people will see first, remember and share with their friends. If you want your agency to be taken seriously as an expert in your field or business, you need to make sure that your images and your video content are powerful enough to stand out and make a real impact on potential clients (clients of your clients, you know what I mean).

Images can also help create a certain mood or feeling for the target audience—which is why it’s so important that they match the tone of what you are saying in text-based posts (e.g., if someone posts about how much fun they had at a company party last night…maybe share some pictures from that event?).

In social media, an image or a video is worth more than a thousand words

When it comes to creating an image for a business, you want to make sure that the image looks as good as possible. This means high quality photos with a good composition and appropriate lighting.

Stop spending money in images banks, for which you’ll most likely never have a return. 

Let’s talk about your clients’ brand equity. If you are careful with their assets (brand, website, logos, color palette, and all their digital assets, in general), your clients will see this, and gladly pay for the good results. 

You should also ensure that each photo or video has been edited in such a way that it fits with the brand’s aesthetic, making sure there are no distracting elements (such as people) or backgrounds which could potentially ruin an otherwise great shot, or that the sound is clear enough even for people on their phones, wearing their earbuds on a crowded bus. 

If you want to be successful on social media, then having consistent images and videos will help your clients’ brands stand out from their competitors, who may have similar products but less professional imagery on their pages.

If you’re going to do social media, do it well. You can’t make it up as you go along

If you’re going to do social media, do it well. You can’t make it up as you go along. You need to have a plan and strategy, as well as great copy that’s compelling and enticing, which means that you need a solid social media plan in place before starting out on your campaign.

Looks like you need to grow your staff before even trying to market the service. 

Don’t worry, this is where comes along. 


Your agency can too provide the best social media management services, with the staff you have right now, and no other expenses or associated costs. 

Get the best service for your clients, increase your portfolio, and your revenue, as from today. Let our staff of professionals join you in making of your digital marketing agency the success you know it can be. 

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